After obtaining his kinesiology degree from the University of the Fraser Valley, Dr. Atti departed from his quarters in Canada (eh) and traveled to Portland, OR; to complete his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the University of Western States. Dr. Atti completed the four-year program in three years while adding on a degree in Human Biology.

With his extensive background in human biomechanics and exercise rehabilitation, he has been able to help all of his patients better understand how trauma, repetition, faulty firing patterns as well as poor stabilization caused their injuries and how to prevent them from reoccurring in the future. Dr. Atti is also well trained in Decompression and Class IV Therapy, which has been scientifically proven to help patients who have disc bulges and/or herniations. On your first visit what you can expect from Dr. Atti is a comprehensive history and physical examination followed by a report of findings, which will explain your specific diagnosis, treatment, management and rehabilitation. He will also address any questions you may have.

Dr. Atti’s goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed at home. In office, you can look forward to a treatment plan that will include a combination of soft tissue therapy, chiropractic manipulation, physiotherapy modalities, and rehabilitation exercises which; will enable you to reach your optimal level of performance and health goals. With a special focus on education, Dr. Atti will base treatment success on how quickly he can return you back to work and/or play. Dr. Atti looks forward to working with you and your family.


Dr. Lauren Bah received her Bachelor of Arts undergraduate degree magna cum laude in Biology from Concordia College of Moorhead, Minnesota in 2006. In 2011, she graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic also magna cum laude from the University Of Western States in Portland, Oregon.

Growing up in Minnesota, Dr. Bah always knew she wanted to practice in the healthcare field but was uncertain which route to take. She had been surrounded by chiropractic her whole life and had her dad to thank for getting her through years of sports injuries but was unsure if she wanted to follow the same path. However, after a couple of ‘self searching’ backpacking trips to Europe she came back realizing what values and goals she wanted to represent as a doctor and chiropractic embodied that vision.

Dr. Bah takes a holistic and conservative approach to healthcare. A tunnel vision approach to patients is something she strays far from. She feels it is her mission to uproot the source and/or sources of the problem patient’s present with by implementing chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue therapy, diet, nutrition, and exercise as foundations to her treatment. She specializes in chiropractic nutrition, the Graston Technique of soft tissue therapy, as well as family and sports-focused chiropractic. Dr. Bah also feels patient education is a crucial and key component in care and recovery because if you tell a patient they will forget, show them and they may remember, but it is when you involve them that they understand. When she is away from her practice, Dr. Bah loves to spend time with her family and friends as well as travel and explore Oregon. Running is a passion and what she considers a staple in her workout routines. She feels it is imperative to keep a healthy lifestyle in order to keep her in shape to take care of her patients.


Sarah’s love for holistic healing brought her to East West College of the Healing Arts, which in 2012 she completed an 800 hour program. She believes in the importance of looking at the person as a whole and that each session should be customized to your specific body needs. Her goal is to help you achieve a pain free life so you can live it to the fullest. She has training in trigger point, cranial sacral, deep tissue as well as Swedish massage. Living in Oregon her entire life she came to Portland in 2000. She enjoys the out doors, painting, traveling and spending time with her husband and pets. Prior to massage she has obtained over 5 years of experience with the developmentally disabled, leading to a career in massage therapy in which she continues to help others by healing. This has increased and developed her skills of compassion, and patient’s sensitivity to issues. She has been practicing in both spa and chiropractic settings since licensing.